November 27, 2016

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Have you ever experienced anxiety or a panic attack?

July 17, 2017

Over the years I've been asked several times by patients if I had ever personally experienced anxiety or a panic attack.  Maybe they were trying to figure out if I know what I'm talking about or how I handled it.  After all, I had specialized is treating anxiety disorders.  This included Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, plus numerous others that include anxiety in the diagnostic criteria. Well, the answer is yes to both and now they'll know just when it happened. 


I distinctly remember a time when My husband and I were watching television in bed one evening and a commercial for Visiting Nashville Tennessee came on.  We discussed how we'd both really wanted to visit Nashville, but travel would require flying due to our work schedule.  My husband's last flight had been traveling home from training in Buffalo New York.  It included a lot of snow and turbulence the entire flight.  You could say he is now a reluctant flyer.  I had never flown, but was always up for a new adventure. 


I went to work the following day and booked our round trip flight from Detroit to Nashville.  Later, booking the Opryland Hotel.  Needless to say my husband wasn't completely thrilled, but agreed to go on our adventure.  I was a little nervous at first but no big deal, I attribute it to something new.  The anxiety did get worse.


Another time I experienced anxiety that I attributed to menopause, but it corrected when my doctor had me start taking a pro-biotic. Didn't understand until I started doing the research on National Institute of Health - Pub Med website on ProBiotics and mental health.  It is important to talk with your physician regarding the use of probiotics and get their recommendation as to brand.  View Do Probiotics Really Work? by Mark Hyman, MD. The research has been so interesting, there eventually will be a blog post regarding probiotics and mental health with links to share.  If you purchase a month membership for the Video Coaching-On-Demand for Stress and Anxiety, join the Private Facebook Group, you will receive the information first.


The only time I experienced a full blown panic attack was going to Juvenile Court to testify for a teenager I treated in the foster care system. It's not like I had never testified in court, I'm a former Adult Protective Services worker, I was in court almost every other day.  I knew all the strategies to calm myself down, but nothing was working.  Oh my, what am I going to do!  I couldn't leave to get some fresh air.  Juvenile Court was not known for having good air ventilation or keeping the hallways as cool as the courtroom.  Of course I had to sit in the hall for several hours waiting to testify, worrying and sweating.  I don't handle sweating very well, especially in a suit.  The breathing technique did not work, nor did any of my other strategies.  


After testifying, I got to my vehicle and called my doctor's office immediately.  I remember letting the nurse know I thought my thyroid medication was too high and I would start reducing, scheduling an appointment for the following week.  Sure enough my thyroid levels were too high, my T4 to be exact. I never want to experience that again.


If you experience any symptoms of depression or anxiety, discuss with your physician.  Ask them to rule out any medical reason for depression or anxiety you are experiencing.  They have a great deal of knowledge and there is no shame is experencing depression or anxiety. If they recommed therapy, go.  If they recommend developing strategies to reduce stress and anxiety, engage in Video Coaching-On-Demand for Stress & Anxiety available later this month.





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