Difference Between Coaching & Therapy

Coaching :

Coaches are in partnership with you, an accountability partner

Coaches ask alot of questions

Coaches provide educational and skills training

Coaches challenge you to set goals

Coaches help you focus on specific goals

Coaches work with you on the here and now causing difficulty

Coaches help identify solutions

Coaches help with skills you want to learn

Coaches help stretch you to where you want to be 

No one knows you're working with a Coach

Coaches are not paid for by insurance

What happens if I'm working with a Coach and really need a therapist or psychiatrist for medication?

If within the United States, you will be referred to an organization in the state in which you reside.  Outside of the United States you will be refered to organizations and general medical practices for a referral.  You can continue to work on your coaching goals while being seen by a therapist or psychiatrist, that is unless he/she objects.  While providing therapy, Sue has shared several patients with personal and business coaches.  She accepted some insurance for therapy and the coach charged a fee.


Therapists formulate a diagnosis

Therapist are seen during regular working hours

Therapist's must have rigid boundaries

Therapy appointments are generally in-office

Therapist's focus on history

Therapist's question family and childhood history

Therapist's ask questions about dysfunctional family systems

Therapist's are sometimes hard to get ahold of

Therapist's may take insurance

If paid for by insurance, Therapist must release information

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