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Hope for the Future

Therapy to help restore hope and happiness in daily life.

Specializing in the treatment of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, psychological trauma, depression, divorce, domestic violence, and women's issues. 


Learn skills to assist in symptom reduction 24/7 at your own pace (coming soon).

with Sue Parker


Offered to individuals in Michigan, by appointment only Tuesday - Friday. 

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How may I assist?

Today you can be one step closer to the relief you desire, on a positive path toward personal growth and well-being.  If you're looking for coaching, support, direction, skills, or assistance in making the changes you desire, I look forward to working with you.  To schedule your first appointment in-office or for e-therapy online (Michigan residents only) please call (734) 404-7002 or use my online scheduling system.  If you would prefer telephone coaching, please visit the Women's Coaching Center (worldwide participants accepted) for additional information.
I look forward to our first conversation,


In-Office Therapy

All in-office therapy sessions are by appointment only on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with some evening appointments are available.